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    Stay up to date with the progress of the program
    and learn about regional volunteer opportunities. 

    Dixie environmentally sustainable cannabis company

    For the last decade, Dixie has pioneered the cannabis category, creating safe and delicious THC and CBD-infused products for all to enjoy. We recognize that we rely heavily on Mother Nature to create our products, and we have a responsibility to take care of her if we want future generations to continue to benefit from her resources.

    That’s why we've announced our commitment to GO GREEN by transitioning our business towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.

    If you care about the plant, and you care about the planet - join the movement.

    Stay up to date with the progress of the program and learn about regional volunteer opportunities. Plus, we're giving 50 Go Green hats and water bottles to some of you lucky winners!
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    Dixie is committed to Going Green and championing the change we need to see in the industry by:

    Dixie Clean Green Certified facilities - Dixie Brands


    Securing Go Green Certification for our Denver facility, the first infused manufacturer licensed in the state of Colorado.

    Class One Recyclable packaging – Dixie Brands


    Ensuring all packaging meet Class One Recyclability standards in the next two years (within the confines of the industry).

    Cannabis company employee volunteer program


    Supporting community environmental efforts through a new company-funded employee volunteer program.


    Since 2010, Dixie has been a proud trailblazer in the cannabis industry. From day one, we’ve prioritized doing things right and being responsible in everything we do. 

    Recyclable cannabis packaging


    Through a partnership with TricorBraun we redesigned our flagship Elixir bottle in 2015 to be made of type 1 recyclable plastic.




    Dixie utilized sustainability technologies


    By working with Ecolab, a leading global provider of water, hygiene, and sustainability technologies, we ensure that all of our ingredients are pre-measured at the right ppm so that we are not using more than what is needed and we can ensure 0 waste.




    Recycling in the cannabis industry


    We’re in the process of transitioning all of our facilities to LED lights, we recycle all paper, plastic, and old machinery, and we employ sustainable water practices.




    Dixie Go Green campaign for environmental sustainability